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Listening to the Beatles, listening to the new (and a bit of my music)

I recorded a song by The Beatles this afternoon, for the covers that I have been posting on my YouTube channel. I couldn’t adjust the camera in the right position, but I still recorded the video. It was the song “Two of us”: the first track of “Let it be”, the last released album of The Beatles. I do not know exactly when the song was written (I imagine Paul), but it has some positive feeling about two friends enjoying life and going back home (Paul and John?). I find it interesting, and perhaps intriguing, that a positive song about friendship is the first track in the last released album of a hard break up.

Later on I felt like I want to listen to some Beatles songs. I didn’t find many on YouTube. Then I searched for albums on the streaming. I listened to the White album, Abbey Road, Stg. Peppers, and a few songs from Revolver.

They are really creative musicians!

Everybody knows it. But I've just said the obvious again.

The music production is very cool. The vocals, instruments, percussion. The surprising moves arising anytime.

Currently, there are many creative songs coming out everyday and they are inspiring me to produce music as well. But going back in time and listening to these Beatles albums is invigorating.

Music has been diversifying a lot, I’d say. How many styles and playlists are there on the Spotify for example? There are songs not easily labeled. They cross genres and mix stuff. But it seems that the pop structure remains strong in contemporary music. Usually, there is a chorus or a raising action, 3 to 4 minutes, and different dynamics along the song. But I believe the structure is not so fixed like some years ago. Sometimes you do not really know what is going to happen, just like the Beatles did, introducing it in pop music, especially after the Revolver (or Rubber Soul). I’m glad to see some very nice music without an explicit chorus, or when they are nicely telling a story, or extremely naked, without much production, or the ones with surprising and amazing stuff.

I have been writing acoustic tunes. I think I am ok with the acoustic guitar. My last tune is simple, with two main parts and a closing. It is like I am getting the problem when in the D, the first part of the song, which is more peaceful. Then, in the “chorus”, I am wandering, I am realizing something, or trying – it is a tense part, with instruments crossing each other. Finally, in the end, it seems that perhaps I just found it, and I play only the acoustic guitar, C and D, slowly. The name is “Pedaços recortados” or “Slashed pieces”.

From The Beatles to the new music. Perhaps things change, but not so much. Or they do? (I don’t know haha).

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