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Afternoon with Plastic Ono Band

I listened to John today afternoon. It has been a long time since the last time I listened to John. One Beatles here, one McCartney there. Sometimes George. But not John Lennon. Yesterday, I put Plastic Ono Band in my radio. The album was released in 1970. It was his debut solo album, and short after the Beatles break up. I was probably being planned that sometime, in my mother’s head, I could happen.

Oh, what a deep album! I listened just once because sometimes these things affect me.

Honestly, it is a great and honest album. In short, he exposes all himself. It is like his imperfect soul were being shown to the entire world at that particular moment.

He speaks about his mother twice. He holds on and asks for the world to do the same. He tells us about love in a very simple and moving way. He gets isolated. He screams loudly well and finds out (the guitars in these songs are heavy and noisy, following closely the tension). Also, he invites to look at him: nobody knows who he is but him. Then, he gives power to the people and to the working class. He is saying, and saying it again.

Finally, I think that “God” is particularly deep. It may sound "offensive" to somebody, perhaps individualistic, or even pedantic. He is just saying it. I really like the sentence “I was the walrus, but now I’m John”.

I think that is what the whole album is about. A masterpiece of sincerity.

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