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Layla's second part

I am a fan of Eric Clapton. Many times when we like something, we like that something even before we actually know the new something – a bias towards the old something. That’s exactly my feeling about the Clapton’s new album. I do not know it, but I am sure it is good.

In my head he is a great guitarist and a great man.

I was listening to one of the Crossroads concerts on you tube and came back to this performance of Layla, his most famous song. - Some very old thing -

I want to share the performance because it is good, it is really bright, and I believe that the majority of the 36,894,444 viewers would agree with me. The stage seems to be very light in the video; he is laughing in the beginning, making fun and suspense with the guitar before starting his very popular song.

But to me, what really touches me in this song is its instrumental second part. I listen over and over again (not disregarding the entire song, which is amazing).

I would say that it is one of those moments of artistic epiphany. Suddenly, it stops… then slowly it comes a completely different piece – a revelation. The song changed: the piano’s soft movements, the very calm and melodic guitar.

It is curious because the song is tense. The first part is about a turbulent tale of a guy who is in love with a woman. When the music turns, in the second part, we have peace. It is a simple, beautiful and peaceful music. That’s nice.

Hope you enjoy as much I enjoy.

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