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On the sense of purpose and Science

It is summer and I need more samples. I have been playing and listening to one song over and over again. Writing might be always good, like a therapy, at least until I get more samples and go back to work. I have some stuff to write actually, but I am waiting for more inspiration. Writing technical stuff needs to be more elaborated.

I am thinking about writing this for some days now. I was in the shower. It is more a philosophical text. I do not want to sound indulgent, because I am in the same boat: I have my dreams, passions, and desires. But I am writing.

Our society is based on science and technology. Since the advances made by those guys in the 17th century, like Newton and Descartes, modern science took a prominent place in our lives. Finally, we have a somehow organized rational basis to explain the natural phenomena – and this is amazing.

Knowledge started to grow faster than ever. Technology applied the basic research. Our lives changed forever. In a couple of centuries we had from electricity to internet, and we put a man in the moon.

But Science is not everything. And I really do not want to sound contradictory by being a PhD student. There is something that Science cannot explain. The question is simple: Why all of that? Why am I here? Why does life evolve through time? What is the point? This sense of purpose, Science cannot find. Why am I here? I have to find an explanation in my head. I have to have a philosophy. Why am I waking up everyday? Science can easily describe. There were some synapses, my brain had enough rest, my biological clock is ok – I wake up. But I have to find the reason why I wake up. One may say: there is no reason. But it is still an explanation. You got to do something with the “no reason”, because you are still living. Others may say, in an abstract form, that this "thing" that move stuff around is God - the drive for survival so deeply present in nature.

The thing is that we have to find a sense of purpose to guide us - and I really do not mean religion strictly. Subjectivism and introspection might help. And they are probably needed to embrace life with all of that Science can give to us.

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