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Passing through collections, papers and politics

I felt like I want to write today, not sure exactly why or what, but I wanted to write something. I have subjects in mind, but one is too complex, other egocentric, and another repetitive. I have not written in English lately, and it is advised to write something sporadically.

I thought writing about natural museums and collections - and their impeccable role on document biodiversity and support studies on ecology, evolution and conservation (to name the biology’s tripod). Today came out a very nice paper on The New Your Times about it, and I will share it instead of write. Click here.

About the egocentric topic, I could advertize the paper that I published last year. It is completely related to collections and their benefits to society. About a year ago, I found at the collection at the University of Hawaii an insect that I could not identify. With the help of my advisor and experts, we found the moth’s name: Feltia subterranea. It is a new exotic species living on the Islands of Hawaii. It might have the potential to spread throughout the archipelago and be an abundant species in the following years. It might have conservation implications and/or economic issues. Although I recognize that some species may just increase the number of biological entities in a location, it is very hard to predict whether a species will become invasive or not. Feltia subterranea is a noctuid moth, belonging to a rich and heterogeneous group of native Hawaiian moths. We do not know if the exotic noctuid fauna is disrupting the natives, but it would be very nice to study this interaction.

The paper is available online here.

There is an abstract here.

And the complex topic? It is politics. I am worried. I do not want to fight and I will not develop the subject. There is too much hate around here (I am Brazilian, and I am here since November last year). Things are crazy and strange. When they say that the study of the humanities brings a series of events in which is hard to predict or take control, I must agree. The elections were tight, there is corruption all over the place, the economy is going bad, and people are mad. Some people even want the military back to the power – it is just too much. I do not see any strength to unite the people and get through the crisis. I hope this storm will end soon, and the country will be back to the development. I try to be an optimistic. (Only to take a position, I think that impeachment is a really bad idea).

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