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Sunday Philosophy

I am considering getting in a philosophy graduate program. I am listening to a cute black woman singing. I am worried with my dog.

Philosophy and Science have been walking side by side for a long time, since the beginning of everything that we tried to interpret as knowledge. During the history, we split the two in different domains. Currently, science has been much bigger and appreciated, but it has the support and base of philosophy. I think that both Science and Philosophy need to have a reciprocal conversation to conduct an interesting work. Philosophy is very important in a sense that it gives perspective - the chance to think beyond the empirical and evaluate the theoretical. There are schools of thinking influencing all the great science that has been made. It is important to the scientists to realize their inclinations and bias, some key concepts that influence their work and future prospects.

Philosophers are known to think out of the box. To bring new interpretations or define trends. Evaluating thinking and challenging positions. Philosophy carries the most mysterious questions that are not in the domain of science. But, still, it may be very objective, not abounding on flawed opinions. Or talkative endless self-expression. In the world of the ideas, there are arguments and logic, searching for light.

But in reality, in general, scientists do not care much about philosophy. They do their work, and it is ok. Scientists usually do not read philosophy journals, while philosophers read science (of course, they discuss science). It is not my field (at least not yet), but philosophy seems to be a much smaller community. It'd need to have a broad expansion, with vigorous journals dedicated to exciting ideas. A broad community may read them. Scientific, general, and philosophical. I think it is a bit underappreciated.

And the band that I was listening: it is called Phox. I was watching them in the NPR tiny desk concert. It is nice. I will leave the link here if you want to take a look.

My dog developed some kind of neurosis. She is super active, and for now she would not leave her house for nothing, except to eat and go to the bathroom. She is defending her house, sometimes aggressively, and staying only there for more than 3 days now. She thinks someone will steal her place. I hope she will be back to normal soon.

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