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Are there strange times?

I don’t know. The world seems to be ugly lately. We talk about democracy, authoritarianism, freedom, and safety. Are we really progressing? I think we are. At least I can be optimistic on a piece of paper, or on the screen of a computer (There is some evidence here). I didn’t want to write because all the news. I just want to stay quiet, watching and hoping for a better time. But I can’t escape. That’s the truth. Here, there, on many places – perhaps everywhere. Trump won in US; Temer wants to freeze the education for 20 years here. I didn’t want to talk about it. I want to be producing my art, writing some texts. Understanding evolution, the meaning of working, the reason of being. Looking at the cool strange cocoon that appeared on the wall in front of the house.


(It is a detail of the upper side. We call it "Bicho-do-cesto" in Brazil)

But I need to progress too. I need a good job. I need to keep trying to make my music to break out. I hope the economy will recover. I hope I can make some difference. I hope for an egalitarian and educated world.

I watched this Ted-ed video about dystopia - the opposite of utopia. It argues that it is also important to portrait a pessimistic view of the future. To make us imagine the worst and don’t let it happen.

I think that many of us are a bit perplexed. I think I don’t believe in a revolution; the simplest fight of the good against evil, and the pure side in which everything will be all right. Things are probably much more complex. But there are differences between values and priorities in an unpolarized world. There would be an unmasked dispute of arguments against each other in an honest intellectual fight (and also emotional; there is no pure distinction between the two). Change may happen within, not imposed from outside.

Anyway, as any monk would say, don’t stay focused on things beyond your control. I always thought of the beauty of the unknown. We really can’t control everything. I can’t control the future, but I can at least show that I am hoping for the best in these strange times.

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