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Will the storm pass?

I like rainy weather, if it is not for too long. I like cold too, if it is not too much. I missed these two things when I lived in Hawaii for some time. I think they drive cool, either peaceful or calm, inner emotions. They help to focus – personally speaking. I do not like extremely hot weather, like we are having here in Brazil. A fan and a beer may help, but it is never enough.

I think my music also reflects some of this atmosphere, which surely has to do with my personality, in parallel with the climate, with blue as being one of my favorite colors – and any other characteristic that a psychologist may find.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I’m writing this, even if this is a blog, I always prefer talking about something more interesting than myself.

The truth is that I’m worried with the future. It is far from bright here in Brazil. It looks like a very strong storm that washed away all the positive emotions that I spoke above. Even the NYT wrote about it. – I didn’t read the article before writing this text, I already know – The most worrying thing is that it is not just a philosophical worrying, confined to the ideas being discussed, or a wandering worrying, like when you are searching for logical gaps in your arguments.

I am completely immersed in this context. There are no jobs right now. Even the low paid ones (probably all of them will be like that in near future). I really didn’t want to write a pessimistic post. I’ve always seen this space as a dreaming one. Where I could speak freely about my thoughts and views - and perhaps catch the attention of someone.

The first post of the year is short, very personal, and not so nice. But we still have to have our heads up trying to search for the best.

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