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Will we learn?

I think I am in the middle of turbulent changing paths. I found appropriate writing about survivorship.

To survival is elementary. It is something so deeply integrated to nature (including ourselves) that no one even needs to talk about. Everything happened from survival. I once wrote that nature is driven by survival (not just me) – that’s the motivation for the evolutionary and ecological development of life.

I do not have a neat metaphor to describe nature, but it certainly is not a war, like many people think. I am sure there is competition. But also there is cooperation - beyond many others relationships within and between organisms.

In nature, there is death. There is suffering. Probably a lot of them. But there is joy. There is freedom. There is beauty.

There is ugliness.

But, of course, nature does not care much about our conventions, properly defined by our own history and culture. We probably should not search for any strong moral significance in nature.

Perhaps we just have to have a profound respect to it. And having a feeling of gratitude and belonging.

If I would describe nature I would say that it flourishes. To different directions, in different times. Not better, not worse. It is what it is. Through time, along million of years, it is walking step-by-step, surviving - flourishing.

Life started around 4 billions years ago. That microscopic cell that once developed never stopped flourishing. It integrated along with its environment. It opened new possibilities, founded new worlds. It found opportunities to explore land, sky, heat, and moisture.

Life passed through five events of mass extinctions. And reinvented itself. Every time.

In the last blink, in our human world, we developed culture, with all its symbols, and ideas. The competition between groups was born in our ancient ancestors. In our vast repertoire of emotions and rationality there were power and greed.

Along more than 10 000 years of civilization I still hope we will learn. Hopefully soon. We are designed to learn: humans can describe themselves and the world like no other animal. Like no other living thing ever known.

After all these years, it is time to learn that we have to care about our planet. We have to care about each other. The world is getting crazy with terrorism, catastrophes, war, and suffering.

I just hope we will learn. Life will flourish and reinvent itself, with or without us.

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